Energize, Renew Backbend Pranayama 3pt Special Series

Wednesday May 22nd, 29th & June 5th 6:15pm to 8pm


This is a 3 part series that teaches you chest openers & backbends safely. Most of the time we are closing off our front bodies, hunched over, sitting improperly at work in our cars etc. This causes us to be closed off from the world and creates lethargy, a dull mental state and tightness in the chest and front body. Opening the front body with intelligence and strengthening the back body with regular practice helps to boost the immune system, relieve anxiety & depression, and brings energy to the body-mind leaving you in an elevated mood and energized. This workshop includes specific pranayama (breathing work) techniques that are ideal to practice after backbends. Breath work is one most powerful ways to calm and balance the entire nervous system.

*Wednesday May 22nd, 29th, & June 5th

6:15pm to 8pm

90.00 plus hst

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